Bad memories in life are so clingy, that they chase us at every step / every phase of life. Those past experiences are so painful, they leave the impression in our mind, which at some points do remind us of that experience unknowingly.

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But still I believe we should move on like a milestone, strongly. By the passing time its going to be erased from our mind also. Time is the biggest medicine.

We should cling with the present instead of past with full determination & focus, which is going to help us in shaping our bright future.



Uneven is the opposite of uniform and predictable. This word connects me with a girl getting married, when a girl marries his prince charming she is just full of excitements, dreams, emotions, in short a life full of joys and fun. A young girl who’s just completed the studies and stepping into a real life, a reality that life is all about. She is totally unknown with the fact that life is totally different from the dream life. Actually her struggle starts with marriage, as soon as a person gets married, all responsibilities begins with it, as bachelor life comes to an end, till than a person is like a kite, go on flying as you want.

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After that you need to be steady as life unfolds the new responsibilities, as you start your own family. A life is totally uneven, which you have to bring to uniformity, slowly and steadily… with all ups and downs, with every stage of life, as the road is uneven, its bumpy and rough, and you’ll have to dodge the pothole.

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I have been noticing the fact since many years, that the parents are putting pressure on their children regarding studies and in whatever activity / hobby that they are learning.. say dance, music, gymnastics, etc.. pressure of performing well in both in such a way that they should come first in everything that they attempt in…

Or I would rather use the phrase that they are loading the pressure of their expectations on the sensitive shoulders of their children to excel …. Or say in attempting in those things which the parents were not able to do…

The pressure of the parents is so much on the children that instead of concentrating on their studies or focusing on their activities, they are not able to study at all  or focus on their acts…  I would use the word ‘torture’ the parents are torturing their kids by constantly telling them to study study and study all the time.. day & night… I have seen some parents are like literally blackmailing their children by giving them ultimatum of scoring above 95 % – 99 % … any how, should not be less than this ratio..or else they ll do this & tha …blah la bla.. hammering the children like anything… giving examples of the relatives & friends children scoring so & so…why cannot ‘you’ .. this kind of talks.. makes the children so frustrated ….. which cannot be defined…

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Parents are not at all aware of the fact that by such hammerings & torture the children lose the confidence in themselves & are not at all able to study… by doing all such things and by so much expectations from the children results to making the child dull and instead of focusing on their studies the children starts thinking that if he / she is not able to perform well or score as expected by their parents what will happen or the parents will send them to the hostel, will scold them, punish them, etc.. many more things. And the child goes into depression and becomes scary.. and all negative thoughts start… hammering the child.. can you imagine the condition of the child.. what trauma a child experiences.. ‘NO’ the parent does not realise at all.

Especially this thing happens to the board students… Class -10 & Class -12 students are the main perspective children pressurised … if you don’t score this much, you will not get admission in the top college or so on… it continues .. specially in India, this is the fact happening since years..

Ultimately what happens ..every child is different from one another.. some children are not able to take pressure and he / she decides to ‘FLEE ‘ from this situation and takes biggest wrong decision of ending their lives… to escape from appearing for the examination itself.. and attempts suicide .. every year a large number of children attempts suicide.

And it’s a big big biggest loss of parents … thought they don’t realise ..this fact and still there are a huge number of parents doing the same thing….

I am not saying that parents should not make children aware about studies or should not tell them to score well…. ‘Ofcourse they should’ but there is big difference in understanding the value of studies and hammering / torturing..

So parents should understand and stop giving ultimatum and pressure.. and make children realise face life with pride and don’t give up…whatever is the situation ..learn to face it and find a solution from it… instead of finding an easy way of ending lives .. LIFE IS VERY PRECIOUS



Irksome is such a feeling that each & every human being must have experienced it more
or less. Everybody faces it in each ones life span. Annoying in a tiresome way by somebody or something.

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Some people coming across in our life in daily routine are sometimes so irksome that we
cannot bear them, though that particular person does not harm us in any way, still its
behavior, body language, personality are such that we cannot stand them. Same like
some unknown person coming across, us sometimes in life are having so pleasing
personality and body language, that though we are unknown to that particular person, we
get a soft corner for that person.

Some people are very Irksome, those who has a habit of talking continuously non
stop chatting, or you must say chattering … anything, it is so impossible to stand
them I tell you…its horrible… too much annoying..

Non-living things are also very irksome in our lives, like chalk scribble on blackboard, very
loud stuccoed horn, unpleasing music going on at late night in neighbourhood, clumsy room, dirty kitchen left by maid, etc. disturbs us so much that our temper feels like, it will burst like an atom bomb.


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The actual meaning of STORM is, a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow, these are all natural storm disasters appearing from nature. According to me, its nature’s way of expressing its anger and unhappiness.

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But for us humans, I feel the real storm is the storm that we feel and experience is our life’s up’s and down phases. The nature has a benefit of expressing its feeling through all those kinds of disasters, but our situation is more difficult, there are times when we are feeling very low and helpless, and a lot of things going on in us, surrounded with so many issue’s and we are not able to tackle it. When we are not able to express ourselves, or explain ourselves, our point of view, or say we are not able to prove ourselves … or say present own-self and so much of stress and so many things going in, in our mind…. Like a tornado….what to do and what not, is the worst situation, it feels like, our brain will blast at any time, we feel so helpless, that is actual Storm… which I feel is more harming then the natural STORM, this is such a situation each and every one must have experienced it somewhat more or less.



Water is the best gift of nature to the World. Can we imagine what would happen if we have to live without water. A person can live without food at once but can we survive without water !! NO

Water is such a beverage of God…. without which one cannot survive. One can do without anything except Water. Though science has progressed so widely, are we able to find out any source which can produce Water !!! NO

In the current time we are facing huge problems because of shortage of Water. Especially the people living in small villages are not getting adequate water. They are suffering very  badly because of scarcity of Water, and now the metro cities are also facing water issues they are provided water for some hours only.

So taking this into priority, we all should use water very very carefully, and should take care that in any way Water should not be wasted at all by us. When we are washing utensils, brushing our teeth, etc. we should keep tap off, until we are done with the brushing of teeth or applying soap to the utensils…etc. So that unnecessarily Water is not wasted.

Some people are so careless while leaving the house they don’t check the taps, whether it is close or not. In such cases water is wasted like anything. So we all should be double careful about such minor things. SO that the people in other areas , rural areas, etc. who are facing shortage of water or water cut off, gets the adequate amount of Water.

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WATER  :  Water Useful In Keeping Fit & Healthy

We all know that Water is life. This colour, smell & tasteless natural liquid is like Honeydew for our life-cycle. Drinking a lot of water is very essential, for keeping our body, work smoothly. In todays intense & stressful life, we often forget to drink water. Therefore health specialists advise to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, to keep healthy. If there is deficient of Water in our body, our health comes in danger.

But now people are becoming more aware of this, so many people are taking care of this fact & have started drinking enough water everyday.

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Some Important Facts & Symptoms necessary to know:

  1. You are feeling TIRED & SLEEPY – Deficiency of water in our body, makes us experience tiredness. 75% of our body consist of water. So if this evidence of water decreases, the level of our body strength also decreases. Deficient water in our body also leads to decrease in our blood count. Because of this our muscles gets very less Oxygenation. This is the reason for feeling tired & sleepy.
  1. Protection against HEART DISEASE – Drinking of less water arises the possibilities of heart disease. Who has heart disease should drink more water & should reduce consumption of other drinks.
  1. Healthy SEXUAL LIFE – Who so ever’ s sex life has become dull, should intake at least 8 glasses of water daily. It revolves blood in muscles & reaches to each part of the body. It gives Regeneration & increases the efficiency of each body part.
  1. Beautiful SKIN – Enough consumption of Water makes skin smooth & glamorous. Because of enough water, there is a growth in blood circulation, this gives protein to the skin & nourishes it. The skin looks young & healthy. Clean skin does not get wrinkles.
  1. Keeping BODY CLEAN – Water plays a very important role in keeping body clean from inside. If you are not consuming enough water in the body, the dirt present in our body does not allow our lever & kidney to work properly. This gives the invitation to many diseases.
  1. Control in BODY WEIGHT – If you want to stay slim, fit & healthy you should drink enough water. In reducing body weight also water plays an important role. Water helps in digesting the fat of the body. If water is less in our body, the fat freezes more. If water is less than kidney is not able to function properly, in this case lever has to perform kidneys work & so the load is more on the lever. Which is not good.
  1. Relief in BREATHING PROBLEM – Any person suffering with breathing problem, if consumes less water, there is an increase in the percentage of breathing attack. So one should drink enough water, for reducing the possibilities of attack.
  1. Consumption QUANTITY CRITERIA – The quantity of water that you are drinking is enough or not, to find this out, what you can do : you need to keep an eye on your urine. If the urine colour is light yellowish then it means you are drinking adequate water, so not to worry, but if the urine colour is dark yellow then it means you have deficiency of water & you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Please note after knowing the advantages of Water, some people start consuming water in a large quantity, which is also not proper, access of anything is like poison, everything should be taken in an adequate quantity only.

Consumption of too much water makes Sodium present in our body dull, b’cos of this it becomes passive & is not good for our body.

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Like A Seed of A Plant

Empty means containing nothing; not filled or occupied, containing nothing; having none of the usual or appropriate contents.

A new-born baby; an infant is like a blank paper, so pure, innocent , and serene. Like an angel.. It grows up as we grew them.

So a kid a baby can be refered like a Seed of a plant… as we pour water, and nutrients necessary for plant.. that way a plant grows. Same way how our kids grew up depends upon our bringing-up. We can mould our children as we want. How a child becomes when he or she grew up, totally depends upon us – parents.

Citizens of tomorrow – our children. They will be a responsible citizen of tomorrow, a gentlemen, a good human being, only if we be careful while growing them up. They are like a blank paper, a blank slate, a seed of a plant, when they arrived on this earth.

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So we need to be so careful while teaching them the real values and culture of life. We can mould them to the correct path, only when we do this from the beginning. As after they come to teenage, the situation totally changes.

Teenage is such a stage of life, where they are not younger and not even older… they are in a middle stage where there is a lot of confusion and no clarity whats true ? and whats not?

So we should take care from very beginning.. especially when there is arguments in the house.. quarrels, mis opinions, etc…  they should not be around us, because they grasp such things very fast, and without any understanding. “ They do what we do… they are going to imitate us “

So fetch the children just like plants… very gently and with love and care…

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