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Fenugreek Seeds used as Medicine

Fenugreek is popularly known as methi in hindi, and its seeds are very essential spice of an Indian kitchen, widely used in many Indian recipes .

Fenugreek seed comes from fenugreek plant, it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Fenugreek seeds are rich in minerals such as iron, selenium, copper, zinc, potassium, calcium, manganese and magnesium. In the vitamin department, it contains thiamin, folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, and vitamins A and C.

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Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds (Methi seeds)

>> Everyday while going to sleep take 25 – 30 seeds of Fenugreek with drinking water for 15 days.

>> By doing this you have various benefits mentioned below:

1.) Blood circulation will be smooth and easy

2.) Cleans stomach

3.) Joint pain will be cured

4.) Improves digestion

5.) Cures skin problems

6.) Cures acidity

7.) Reduces cholesterol

8.) Regular cycle of periods

9.) Weight – loss

10.) Solves hair problem

11.) You will feel fresh the whole day

Fenugreek seeds are bitter in taste, this seeds stays in stomach till morning, which spreads in the body totally, which benefits us in this various ways. So taking Fenugreek seeds is very beneficial for our whole body. This is one of the reason that it is used in many Indian dishes.

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Watermelon : A medicine

Watermelon is not only delicious, but it is loaded with healthy nutrients! It is a rich source of immune boosting vitamin C and hair healthy vitamin A. One cup of fresh watermelon contains more Lycopene than that one cup of tomatoes! Which is protective against growing list of cancers. Its an excellent source of free radical fighting antioxidants and energizing B vitamins. Watermelon also contains potassium and magnesium to help your body circulate your blood properly.

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Watermelons are mostly water — about 92 percent — but this refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients. Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. There’s even a modest amount of potassium

High in fiber, many vitamins, fantastic source of potassium. Can help reduce chance of colon cancer, asthma attacks. Quenches thirst and hydrates the body. Helps in water balance in the body and can help alleviate muscle cramps. It contains Beta carotene which helps in vision and eye related problems as well as fighting various cold and infections.

Watermelon helps produce the pigments in the retina of the eye and protects against age-related macular degeneration as well as prevents night blindness. Vitamin A also maintains healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, and mucus membranes.

It also reduces water retention, balance hormones and strengthens your immune system, 90% water with the remaining less than 10% being sugar.

Various Benefits of Watermelon as a medicine for various problems mentioned below :

1. It cures Constipation problem
2. SKin fungi
3. Resolves problem in the arteries
4. Gout
5. It cures Vomiting
6. Heart disorders – Lycopene protects against heart disease and protects    our DNA inside white blood cells
7. Nausea
8. Decreases sugar level,Diabetes
9. Cures Kidney Stones
10. Edema
11. It also purifies, cleans your kidney
12. Skin spots
13. Fights cancer
14. Keeps your Blood pressure normal.
15. Eating regularly strengthens your bones
16. Improves your Eye sight / health
17. It is also helpful in reducing your weight – Weight loss
18. Improves hair, making it healthy & strong.
19. It also helps Ageing

So, it’s a biggest benefit in all, so start eating watermelon. It can be said that first medicine which is so delicious..


Protect your Heart with Fresh Garlic

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We should balance our diet in such a way that our each part of the body gets necessary nutrients. By including GARLIC in our daily food, not only adds tastes to our food but it also gives protection against many diseases. It is also helpful in Heart Disease.

Hearts basic function is to keep blood circulation proper in our body. Blood is very important for our body.

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Oxygen and important substances passes to all parts of the body through the small small veins present in our body. Carbon-dioxide is passed and reached to kidney, skin, etc. body parts through our blood only.

If this blood stops circulating then carbon-dioxide and the percentage of wastage in our body increases, because of this our body does not get oxygen and it results to immediate death.

The work of circulating blood in our body is done by our Heart. Heart works like a pump, and supplies blood in each part of our body. This process is known as Circulatory.

Food products like butter, ghee, vegetable ghee, oil, etc are fatty products these products increases the level of Cholesterol in our body. When the level of Cholestrol increases this Cholestrol sticks on the walls of veins, because of this the area of vein decreases and the area becomes narrow for the blood to pass from. So to push the  blood through viens, the heart has to struggle hard, resulting to this one experiences hyper tension, high blood pressure.

To keep the blood circulating the heart has to push blood very hard. The substances of fat that sticks on the walls of veins, does not allow the  blood to flow easily and properly because of this sometimes blood gets clotted and this clot increases the risk of an Heart Attack.

Sometimes those substances / the wastage flows with the blood and reaches to the heart, this wastage sticks on the heart and Heart Attack takes place.

A very simple example I will give you – in our house we get water through pipelines, when sometimes pipeline blocks because of the wastage and dust flow in the pipeline. The water supply stops, the same process is there with the heart function.

The main reason of heart disease is Cholesterol. Its evidence decreases by eating Onion. It is proved scientifically also. Garlic and Onion contains Oily substance. This oily substance decreases the percentage of Cholesterol present in our body. Onion and Garlic both contains the necessary oily substance but compared to onion, garlic contains more percentage of the oily substance. So by using Garlic the possibilities of blood veins becoming narrow becomes baseless.

By using Garlic in regular diet everyday the extra Cholesterol present in our body automatically destroys and the possibilities of Heart Attack becomes negligible.

In the families who have the hereditary of obesity and blood pressure should always be aware from beginning and start taking Garlic in their diet from beginning itself. Since childhood only one should eat Garlic in low percentage in their diet, then the possibilities of Heart Disease becomes zero.

Smoking damages blood veins very badly. So especially who has smoking habit, should make a point to eat Garlic regularly everyday.

One who’es Cholesterol level has increased than he should eat Garlic according to the body weight, than the balance of Cholestrol is maintained.

For example: If a person’s body weight is 80 kg his cholesterol level has increased, than he should eat 80 gm of garlic 2-3 times a day, then the level of Cholesterol decreases.

By taking precaution, eating 2-3 petals of Garlic a day makes the possibilities of Heart Attack equal to zero.

There is no other medicine available rather than Garlic which can be continued taking for a long time period. Garlic is the one and only medicine which has no side effects. Garlic has so many benefits which is mentioned in Ayurveda also.

So eat Garlic and stay healthy… :))


Fit and Healthy

In the todays century, it has become very necessary to stay healthy, fit & fine. As now-a-days the life has become v.v.busy & stressful. Everyone is so busy with todays living, the lifestyle has changed a lot, priorities has changed hugely. The surrounding has become competitive. It has become very necessary for both the partners to work, to lead an easy life.

But these days I can very confidently say that people are very much aware with the fact of staying healthy. Everybody around are very health conscious and are taking all efforts for staying healthy and fit.

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Enlightenment in nature

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset

People are moving towards the Yogas more these days, which is very nice to know, as Yogas are very effective, and a good source for staying healthy. Our old Asanas are the best. Its benefits are remarkable.

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I would like to bring to your notice one of those – “Suryanamaskar”. We can say that Suryanamaskar is an all-rounder. It’s the one and only Asana, that affects our whole body, and tones it up. If you perform Suryanamaskar 4-5 times a day, you need nothing else to do, no jogging, walking, exercise, etc. you can do it even more times, 10 times also. Performing ‘Suryanamaskar ‘ regularly keeps you fit and healthy.

I personally also feel that Yoga is the best way to stay Fit & Healthy, I have seen many near-by people around me doing so many kinds of diets, from those some are successful in reducing their body weight, were-as some of them had bad experiences like- while dieting the weight continues to reduce, but as returning back to normal life schedule, they drastically gained weight again, as started eating normally like before.

So Yogas are one of the best which do not have any kind of side effects. By doing Yogas one gains only  benefits.


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Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Gourd is bitter in taste but keeps us away from many diseases, like deficiency of haemoglobin, diabetes, night blindness, headache, worms, etc..

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Lets see how:

Take fresh Amla juice & mix it with Gourd juice and drink it in the morning. By doing this Diabetes stays in control. Consumption of Gourd regularly keeps diabetes in control.

Gourd builds strong digestion power.

By eating Gourd on a regular basis, cures headache problem, night blindness, fever, worms.

Gourd contains vitamin ‘A’. Vitamin ‘A’ increases vision. By making children eat Gourd on a  regular basis improves their vision, they get Vitamin ‘A’ in adequate quantity, and it makes their digestion power strong. Food gets digested very fast, whenever you eat Gourd in lunch.

Gourd contains more quantity of phosphorus, which is very beneficial for our brain. Your brain gains strength. Gourd improves memory level. You also gain physical strength from it.

By drinking Gourd juice twice a day, morning & evening cures stone problem.

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After delivery, to get good quantity of milk, boil Gourd leaves nicely and give this boiled water to the mother 20 gram, twice a day – morning & evening.

Gourd contains calcium & phosphorus, which is very healthy for teeth and bones.

Gourd also contains more quantity of water like other vegetables. It contains 92.4% of water.

Gourd’s upper part contains more bitterness, so it is advisable to eat without peeling it.

Gourd’s leaf juice cures Malaria.

Applying Gourd juice on Hindsight, destroys Hindsight forever, but apply it with cotton.

By drinking Gourd juice 20-30 grams daily, cures any kind of skin disease.

By eating Gourd vegetable on regular basis cures cough the problem.

In rainy-season knee pain increases. So in this season by drinking 10 gram of Gourd juice, and by applying it on knees, cures knee pain.

Gourd is very beneficial for breathing problem also.

There are still many more benefits of bitter Gourd, so make it a point to eat bitter Gourd atleast once a week, to stay healthy, fit & fine.

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Expanding Horizons In IVF Tech

In current century, science & technology has progressed so highly, which is highly appreciable… IVF tech has achieved marvellous success now a days.. So I thought of sharing some useful information with you all…

Lets talk about in detail..

Involuntary childlessness is a psycho­logical and social dilemma for one of the partners in a marriage or for child­less couples. It can have a lifelong im­pact on many of these couples. Holiday gatherings centred around bright-eyed children seem like a happy occasion to most of us but for one group of people, it’s an aching reminder of what’s lack­ing in their life.

Several factors may ne­cessitate IVF technology for conception and birth. The most common reason for inability to conceive in women is either severely damaged or absence fallopian tubes or severe male infertility or low sperm count. But couples have many doubts about modern-day technologies that are giving new rays of hope to childless couples.

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Concerns through the following ques­tions and answers:

  • What is the solution when the patient has no uterus but wants a baby? Due to medical rea­sons, if anyone had removed uterus. Then also she  can successfully have a baby through IVF and surrogacy.
  • Is there a solution for a man who does not have a wife but still wants to become a father? Anybody who does not want to get married, but still wanted to have a child. He can have a child by using his sperm with ovum donation and surrogacy.
  • Similarly, can a woman who doesn’t have a husband become a mother? Anyone who has no de­sire to get married but she want to have a baby. Can have a baby, by using sperm donation, which helps her conceive and she can deliv­er a healthy baby.
  • Can aging women have children? As more and more women are waiting longer to have children, egg-freezing is in demand. Women can have children by using egg-freezing technology. The procedure has resulted in successful and healthy pregnancy at later ages.
  • How can a menopausal woman at­tain moth­erhood? Women suffering through menopausal can also obtain motherhood, by ovum do­nation and IVF,  get pregnant and deliver healthy baby.
  • What about medical conditions of Azo­ospermic (no sperm)? Any patient having zero sperm count. Sperm can be aspirated from tes­ticles and through technology, those couples can have a child.

So in all, the thing is, every couples can have a smile on their faces & everyone’s desire can be fulfilled, with this technology.

So it’s very nice, the people in this generation are lucky enough that techno has progressed a lot this days.  And IVF is achieving 100% success.. Otherwise, a decade back I have seen many people unhappy for not having child for whatever may be the reason..

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WATER  :  Water Useful In Keeping Fit & Healthy

We all know that Water is life. This colour, smell & tasteless natural liquid is like Honeydew for our life-cycle. Drinking a lot of water is very essential, for keeping our body, work smoothly. In todays intense & stressful life, we often forget to drink water. Therefore health specialists advise to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, to keep healthy. If there is deficient of Water in our body, our health comes in danger.

But now people are becoming more aware of this, so many people are taking care of this fact & have started drinking enough water everyday.

Some Important Facts & Symptoms necessary to know:

  1. You are feeling TIRED & SLEEPY – Deficiency of water in our body, makes us experience tiredness. 75% of our body consist of water. So if this evidence of water decreases, the level of our body strength also decreases. Deficient water in our body also leads to decrease in our blood count. Because of this our muscles gets very less Oxygenation. This is the reason for feeling tired & sleepy.
  1. Protection against HEART DISEASE – Drinking of less water arises the possibilities of heart disease. Who has heart disease should drink more water & should reduce consumption of other drinks.
  1. Healthy SEXUAL LIFE – Who so ever’ s sex life has become dull, should intake at least 8 glasses of water daily. It revolves blood in muscles & reaches to each part of the body. It gives Regeneration & increases the efficiency of each body part.
  1. Beautiful SKIN – Enough consumption of Water makes skin smooth & glamorous. Because of enough water, there is a growth in blood circulation, this gives protein to the skin & nourishes it. The skin looks young & healthy. Clean skin does not get wrinkles.
  1. Keeping BODY CLEAN – Water plays a very important role in keeping body clean from inside. If you are not consuming enough water in the body, the dirt present in our body does not allow our lever & kidney to work properly. This gives the invitation to many diseases.
  1. Control in BODY WEIGHT – If you want to stay slim, fit & healthy you should drink enough water. In reducing body weight also water plays an important role. Water helps in digesting the fat of the body. If water is less in our body, the fat freezes more. If water is less than kidney is not able to function properly, in this case lever has to perform kidneys work & so the load is more on the lever. Which is not good.
  1. Relief in BREATHING PROBLEM – Any person suffering with breathing problem, if consumes less water, there is an increase in the percentage of breathing attack. So one should drink enough water, for reducing the possibilities of attack.
  1. Consumption QUANTITY CRITERIA – The quantity of water that you are drinking is enough or not, to find this out, what you can do : you need to keep an eye on your urine. If the urine colour is light yellowish then it means you are drinking adequate water, so not to worry, but if the urine colour is dark yellow then it means you have deficiency of water & you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Please note after knowing the advantages of Water, some people start consuming water in a large quantity, which is also not proper, access of anything is like poison, everything should be taken in an adequate quantity only.

Consumption of too much water makes Sodium present in our body dull, b’cos of this it becomes passive & is not good for our body.

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