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I have been noticing the fact since many years, that the parents are putting pressure on their children regarding studies and in whatever activity / hobby that they are learning.. say dance, music, gymnastics, etc.. pressure of performing well in both in such a way that they should come first in everything that they attempt in…

Or I would rather use the phrase that they are loading the pressure of their expectations on the sensitive shoulders of their children to excel …. Or say in attempting in those things which the parents were not able to do…

The pressure of the parents is so much on the children that instead of concentrating on their studies or focusing on their activities, they are not able to study at all  or focus on their acts…  I would use the word ‘torture’ the parents are torturing their kids by constantly telling them to study study and study all the time.. day & night… I have seen some parents are like literally blackmailing their children by giving them ultimatum of scoring above 95 % – 99 % … any how, should not be less than this ratio..or else they ll do this & tha …blah la bla.. hammering the children like anything… giving examples of the relatives & friends children scoring so & so…why cannot ‘you’ .. this kind of talks.. makes the children so frustrated ….. which cannot be defined…

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Parents are not at all aware of the fact that by such hammerings & torture the children lose the confidence in themselves & are not at all able to study… by doing all such things and by so much expectations from the children results to making the child dull and instead of focusing on their studies the children starts thinking that if he / she is not able to perform well or score as expected by their parents what will happen or the parents will send them to the hostel, will scold them, punish them, etc.. many more things. And the child goes into depression and becomes scary.. and all negative thoughts start… hammering the child.. can you imagine the condition of the child.. what trauma a child experiences.. ‘NO’ the parent does not realise at all.

Especially this thing happens to the board students… Class -10 & Class -12 students are the main perspective children pressurised … if you don’t score this much, you will not get admission in the top college or so on… it continues .. specially in India, this is the fact happening since years..

Ultimately what happens ..every child is different from one another.. some children are not able to take pressure and he / she decides to ‘FLEE ‘ from this situation and takes biggest wrong decision of ending their lives… to escape from appearing for the examination itself.. and attempts suicide .. every year a large number of children attempts suicide.

And it’s a big big biggest loss of parents … thought they don’t realise ..this fact and still there are a huge number of parents doing the same thing….

I am not saying that parents should not make children aware about studies or should not tell them to score well…. ‘Ofcourse they should’ but there is big difference in understanding the value of studies and hammering / torturing..

So parents should understand and stop giving ultimatum and pressure.. and make children realise face life with pride and don’t give up…whatever is the situation ..learn to face it and find a solution from it… instead of finding an easy way of ending lives .. LIFE IS VERY PRECIOUS

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