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Irksome is such a feeling that each & every human being must have experienced it more
or less. Everybody faces it in each ones life span. Annoying in a tiresome way by somebody or something.

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Some people coming across in our life in daily routine are sometimes so irksome that we
cannot bear them, though that particular person does not harm us in any way, still its
behavior, body language, personality are such that we cannot stand them. Same like
some unknown person coming across, us sometimes in life are having so pleasing
personality and body language, that though we are unknown to that particular person, we
get a soft corner for that person.

Some people are very Irksome, those who has a habit of talking continuously non
stop chatting, or you must say chattering … anything, it is so impossible to stand
them I tell you…its horrible… too much annoying..

Non-living things are also very irksome in our lives, like chalk scribble on blackboard, very
loud stuccoed horn, unpleasing music going on at late night in neighbourhood, clumsy room, dirty kitchen left by maid, etc. disturbs us so much that our temper feels like, it will burst like an atom bomb.


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