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The actual meaning of STORM is, a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow, these are all natural storm disasters appearing from nature. According to me, its nature’s way of expressing its anger and unhappiness.

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But for us humans, I feel the real storm is the storm that we feel and experience is our life’s up’s and down phases. The nature has a benefit of expressing its feeling through all those kinds of disasters, but our situation is more difficult, there are times when we are feeling very low and helpless, and a lot of things going on in us, surrounded with so many issue’s and we are not able to tackle it. When we are not able to express ourselves, or explain ourselves, our point of view, or say we are not able to prove ourselves … or say present own-self and so much of stress and so many things going in, in our mind…. Like a tornado….what to do and what not, is the worst situation, it feels like, our brain will blast at any time, we feel so helpless, that is actual Storm… which I feel is more harming then the natural STORM, this is such a situation each and every one must have experienced it somewhat more or less.

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