29 Jun

Water is the best gift of nature to the World. Can we imagine what would happen if we have to live without water. A person can live without food at once but can we survive without water !! NO

Water is such a beverage of God…. without which one cannot survive. One can do without anything except Water. Though science has progressed so widely, are we able to find out any source which can produce Water !!! NO

In the current time we are facing huge problems because of shortage of Water. Especially the people living in small villages are not getting adequate water. They are suffering very  badly because of scarcity of Water, and now the metro cities are also facing water issues they are provided water for some hours only.

So taking this into priority, we all should use water very very carefully, and should take care that in any way Water should not be wasted at all by us. When we are washing utensils, brushing our teeth, etc. we should keep tap off, until we are done with the brushing of teeth or applying soap to the utensils…etc. So that unnecessarily Water is not wasted.

Some people are so careless while leaving the house they don’t check the taps, whether it is close or not. In such cases water is wasted like anything. So we all should be double careful about such minor things. SO that the people in other areas , rural areas, etc. who are facing shortage of water or water cut off, gets the adequate amount of Water.

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WATER  :  Water Useful In Keeping Fit & Healthy

We all know that Water is life. This colour, smell & tasteless natural liquid is like Honeydew for our life-cycle. Drinking a lot of water is very essential, for keeping our body, work smoothly. In todays intense & stressful life, we often forget to drink water. Therefore health specialists advise to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, to keep healthy. If there is deficient of Water in our body, our health comes in danger.

But now people are becoming more aware of this, so many people are taking care of this fact & have started drinking enough water everyday.

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Some Important Facts & Symptoms necessary to know:

  1. You are feeling TIRED & SLEEPY – Deficiency of water in our body, makes us experience tiredness. 75% of our body consist of water. So if this evidence of water decreases, the level of our body strength also decreases. Deficient water in our body also leads to decrease in our blood count. Because of this our muscles gets very less Oxygenation. This is the reason for feeling tired & sleepy.
  1. Protection against HEART DISEASE – Drinking of less water arises the possibilities of heart disease. Who has heart disease should drink more water & should reduce consumption of other drinks.
  1. Healthy SEXUAL LIFE – Who so ever’ s sex life has become dull, should intake at least 8 glasses of water daily. It revolves blood in muscles & reaches to each part of the body. It gives Regeneration & increases the efficiency of each body part.
  1. Beautiful SKIN – Enough consumption of Water makes skin smooth & glamorous. Because of enough water, there is a growth in blood circulation, this gives protein to the skin & nourishes it. The skin looks young & healthy. Clean skin does not get wrinkles.
  1. Keeping BODY CLEAN – Water plays a very important role in keeping body clean from inside. If you are not consuming enough water in the body, the dirt present in our body does not allow our lever & kidney to work properly. This gives the invitation to many diseases.
  1. Control in BODY WEIGHT – If you want to stay slim, fit & healthy you should drink enough water. In reducing body weight also water plays an important role. Water helps in digesting the fat of the body. If water is less in our body, the fat freezes more. If water is less than kidney is not able to function properly, in this case lever has to perform kidneys work & so the load is more on the lever. Which is not good.
  1. Relief in BREATHING PROBLEM – Any person suffering with breathing problem, if consumes less water, there is an increase in the percentage of breathing attack. So one should drink enough water, for reducing the possibilities of attack.
  1. Consumption QUANTITY CRITERIA – The quantity of water that you are drinking is enough or not, to find this out, what you can do : you need to keep an eye on your urine. If the urine colour is light yellowish then it means you are drinking adequate water, so not to worry, but if the urine colour is dark yellow then it means you have deficiency of water & you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Please note after knowing the advantages of Water, some people start consuming water in a large quantity, which is also not proper, access of anything is like poison, everything should be taken in an adequate quantity only.

Consumption of too much water makes Sodium present in our body dull, b’cos of this it becomes passive & is not good for our body.

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  1. Miracle :)

    July 9, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Hey !
    I’m glad to visit your blog. I’m running #MiracleChallenge in WordPress to write poems and stories using various prompts. Here is the link for
    “MiracleChallenge Week – 4” dated 5th July, 2016 –  in my blog. If you feel inspiring, you can join us anytime.
    Have a good day !
    Miracle 🙂


    • Radically Distinctive

      July 11, 2016 at 6:56 am

      Hi, I am glad to know you liked my small space of blog. Thanks for your invitation I would really like to join.

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      • Miracle :)

        July 11, 2016 at 7:26 am

        My pleasure 😃
        Oh ! That’s great. Today is the last date for the week-4 Miracle challenge. So, don’t miss it.
        And every Tuesday I post new prompts for exciting challenges for a week.
        Looking forward to see you as one of the participants soon 😀


  2. Opinionated Man

    July 11, 2016 at 3:51 am

    We learned about too much water consumption in basic and were warned we could basically “drown ourselves” by drinking too much! 🙂



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