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Connection is a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else. One that connects; a link: made a connection between the two pipes.  An association or relationship: an obvious connection between the one another.

Now-a-days the technology has emerged so widely, that has brought the World so nearer to one-another. Internet is the technology that has given us opportunity to connect with anyone from anywhere in the World, which has made things so much easier for us.

We can connect to anybody in the World without stepping out from our house. We can chat, we can discuss meetings, we can search for our desired job….etc. many things we can do on Internet very very easily.

We have seen time when we had to search for job only in newspapers or consultancies offering job placement. And we had to run to the offices wherever requirement is there. But now in the current situation… we search for selected profiles by filtering our priorities and by reviewing the company’s position its reputation and everything related to the job. So many benefits… only because of Internet. So the goals of making our career as we want has become so wide and easily accessible compared to the previous time.

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And this current technology is very beneficial for everybody like for maintaining social relations, with friends, relatives, etc. We can easily chat, leave messages on apps like Whats app. Keeping in touch with relatives to maintain relations has become so easier because of the social sites like Facebook and apps like whats app, we chat, etc. chatting apps. Otherwise there was time when we use to talk once in a month or longer than that, because of so busy life style. So we are lucky and should be thankful for this technologies.

This technology has brought the parents and children relationship also closer, as I have seen families in which the children have gone abroad for studies or have settled somewhere else than their parents. In those cases when the senior citizen parents are in bad condition suffering from some or the other medical problems. The son is not able to come to them or he is least bothered to talk to the parents in months. But now because of Skype and video calling facilities and the chats have given this opportunity to those families that they can make video calls twice to thrice a week, and even they can chat everyday. These gives pleasure and satisfaction to the parents, that they are closer and are in touch with their children … and even the for the children it has opened up the ways of communication, that in this busy and stressful life they can communicate with their parents even on the go… otherwise writing letters and expecting the reply in previous time was very tough, and painful.

These technologies have connected the people from throughout the World like a chain… that we are able to share our thoughts, feelings ..ideas everything. And these social media has opened up the doors in such a way.. that we have made many many friends on this online platform.. where one is sitting in one corner of the world and the second in the other corner.. still sharing and chatting ideas.

These online community has given business, jobs, portals, etc.. in-short has given employments to millions of people.. by these online community many people has got earning opportunity even by sitting at their home…especially to a mother of younger kids – who cannot go out because of the younger baby, to the housewives who is educated but is not willing to go out for some years —- can also earn by giving some hours at her flexibility, to the retired person who wants to spent some time and also wants to earn — without stepping out of the house…etc  and the list goes on.

So Internet is the technology who has brought the World together… at one place, who has CONNECTED ….the World in one string. Where we all are a family….

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One response to “Connection

  1. artistmikaelavatar

    September 29, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Yes, it is really totally crazy. We are all one family and can be paired with anyone from any part of the world, anytime. 20 years ago it was impossible …

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