Coffee best companion

02 Jun

Thinking of Coffee takes me to the pleasure moment of drinking coffee in the morning. Ohh aah!! the bestest of all is a cup of Coffee in the morning, nothing else can make a best start of the day rather than coffee.

A best companion, a best silence sharer….. nothing else can give. Only a cup of coffee !! Coffee mug in the hand and enjoying each moment / each sip with full peace of mind. Pleasantness of the morning weather with each sip of coffee is the best feeling ever, you know.

When you had a so good start of the day, your whole day passes superb !! I cannot think of starting my day without a cup of coffee. I am a Coffeeholic”

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When I want to spent some peaceful time, or want to be with my own self. I ll need my best companion, you know. A big mug of coffee in my hands, and myself …. best peace time ever…. With a cup of coffee I am able to think peacefully, I am able to focus on important points. I am able to take major decisions…. etc. In-short, I can say….  cannot think of life without coffee.

Sometimes, I dream of I am sitting on a beach side on sand, with a cup of coffee in my hands… and its sunset time, I am looking at the sunset, cold wind is blowing on my face… which is flowing my hair also… and I am enjoying it like …..anything…. what a pleasant moment it would be… isn’t it !!

For me Coffee keeps stress away ”  :)) Coffee lovers like me, ll agree…

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