Anger: An enemy

01 Jun

Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response. It is a normal emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response…

Anger is such an emotion, which can be said – an enemy for each, because this is a weaker moment for each and every human being, which can lead to only wrong decisions … if not controlled or if not handled properly.

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When a person is angry, he or she is filled with so much of pressure of emotions that they don’t understand what is right, what is wrong, we can say that a persons thinking power is lost for some time, at this moment a person is so much frustrated that he thinks that whatever he is doing is correct and perfect, his senses are lost and cannot understand the after effects of that particular moment.

So, it is very very important for us to have control on our emotions, especially when we get angry or someone makes us angry, we should try harder to control ourselves and handle the situation, very very calmly, whatever may be the situation or reason of angry, because angerness leads to ONLY wrong decisions, and nothing else, the decisions / steps taken in anger is never correct.

So always be careful, never get angry, or never let anger raise in ourselves.. or lead our minds..


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