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Water is the best gift of nature to the World. Can we imagine what would happen if we have to live without water. A person can live without food at once but can we survive without water !! NO

Water is such a beverage of God…. without which one cannot survive. One can do without anything except Water. Though science has progressed so widely, are we able to find out any source which can produce Water !!! NO

In the current time we are facing huge problems because of shortage of Water. Especially the people living in small villages are not getting adequate water. They are suffering very  badly because of scarcity of Water, and now the metro cities are also facing water issues they are provided water for some hours only.

So taking this into priority, we all should use water very very carefully, and should take care that in any way Water should not be wasted at all by us. When we are washing utensils, brushing our teeth, etc. we should keep tap off, until we are done with the brushing of teeth or applying soap to the utensils…etc. So that unnecessarily Water is not wasted.

Some people are so careless while leaving the house they don’t check the taps, whether it is close or not. In such cases water is wasted like anything. So we all should be double careful about such minor things. SO that the people in other areas , rural areas, etc. who are facing shortage of water or water cut off, gets the adequate amount of Water.

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WATER  :  Water Useful In Keeping Fit & Healthy

We all know that Water is life. This colour, smell & tasteless natural liquid is like Honeydew for our life-cycle. Drinking a lot of water is very essential, for keeping our body, work smoothly. In todays intense & stressful life, we often forget to drink water. Therefore health specialists advise to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, to keep healthy. If there is deficient of Water in our body, our health comes in danger.

But now people are becoming more aware of this, so many people are taking care of this fact & have started drinking enough water everyday.

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Some Important Facts & Symptoms necessary to know:

  1. You are feeling TIRED & SLEEPY – Deficiency of water in our body, makes us experience tiredness. 75% of our body consist of water. So if this evidence of water decreases, the level of our body strength also decreases. Deficient water in our body also leads to decrease in our blood count. Because of this our muscles gets very less Oxygenation. This is the reason for feeling tired & sleepy.
  1. Protection against HEART DISEASE – Drinking of less water arises the possibilities of heart disease. Who has heart disease should drink more water & should reduce consumption of other drinks.
  1. Healthy SEXUAL LIFE – Who so ever’ s sex life has become dull, should intake at least 8 glasses of water daily. It revolves blood in muscles & reaches to each part of the body. It gives Regeneration & increases the efficiency of each body part.
  1. Beautiful SKIN – Enough consumption of Water makes skin smooth & glamorous. Because of enough water, there is a growth in blood circulation, this gives protein to the skin & nourishes it. The skin looks young & healthy. Clean skin does not get wrinkles.
  1. Keeping BODY CLEAN – Water plays a very important role in keeping body clean from inside. If you are not consuming enough water in the body, the dirt present in our body does not allow our lever & kidney to work properly. This gives the invitation to many diseases.
  1. Control in BODY WEIGHT – If you want to stay slim, fit & healthy you should drink enough water. In reducing body weight also water plays an important role. Water helps in digesting the fat of the body. If water is less in our body, the fat freezes more. If water is less than kidney is not able to function properly, in this case lever has to perform kidneys work & so the load is more on the lever. Which is not good.
  1. Relief in BREATHING PROBLEM – Any person suffering with breathing problem, if consumes less water, there is an increase in the percentage of breathing attack. So one should drink enough water, for reducing the possibilities of attack.
  1. Consumption QUANTITY CRITERIA – The quantity of water that you are drinking is enough or not, to find this out, what you can do : you need to keep an eye on your urine. If the urine colour is light yellowish then it means you are drinking adequate water, so not to worry, but if the urine colour is dark yellow then it means you have deficiency of water & you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Please note after knowing the advantages of Water, some people start consuming water in a large quantity, which is also not proper, access of anything is like poison, everything should be taken in an adequate quantity only.

Consumption of too much water makes Sodium present in our body dull, b’cos of this it becomes passive & is not good for our body.

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Like A Seed of A Plant

Empty means containing nothing; not filled or occupied, containing nothing; having none of the usual or appropriate contents.

A new-born baby; an infant is like a blank paper, so pure, innocent , and serene. Like an angel.. It grows up as we grew them.

So a kid a baby can be refered like a Seed of a plant… as we pour water, and nutrients necessary for plant.. that way a plant grows. Same way how our kids grew up depends upon our bringing-up. We can mould our children as we want. How a child becomes when he or she grew up, totally depends upon us – parents.

Citizens of tomorrow – our children. They will be a responsible citizen of tomorrow, a gentlemen, a good human being, only if we be careful while growing them up. They are like a blank paper, a blank slate, a seed of a plant, when they arrived on this earth.

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So we need to be so careful while teaching them the real values and culture of life. We can mould them to the correct path, only when we do this from the beginning. As after they come to teenage, the situation totally changes.

Teenage is such a stage of life, where they are not younger and not even older… they are in a middle stage where there is a lot of confusion and no clarity whats true ? and whats not?

So we should take care from very beginning.. especially when there is arguments in the house.. quarrels, mis opinions, etc…  they should not be around us, because they grasp such things very fast, and without any understanding. “ They do what we do… they are going to imitate us “

So fetch the children just like plants… very gently and with love and care…



A person with whom one spent a lot of time or life or travels with. Each of a pair of things intended to complement or match each other – a companion volume”. Associate, fellow, better half…

The thing that counts Most in the pursuit of – Happiness is choosing the right Companion … A better half.

In my words a true companion is your better half… your life partner with whom you spent your whole life. With whom you plan your family, one with whom you can share each and every thought or feelings of yours, whether its logical or stupid. That’s your true partner, with whom you don’t need to think before you speak. With whom you share life’s ups and downs, with a smile on face, as you know your partner is with you to support and stand strong in any situation with you. Which makes life’s so smooth and easy.

“God has made this beautiful relationship in this World – a couple”, to make the journey of life, beautiful and easy-going. So that each one can support one another, by landing one’s hand to each other. Both compliment each other.

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‘Women is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity’ – Mahatma Gandhi

But how many understands this fact. there are very few people in this World who gets a true life partner, a true companion. What if one get’s  a wrong partner !!  There are very few people who understands this beautiful relationship truly, and values it. Some couple in this World keeps on leaving their fake life just for the sake of their status in the society, keeping their formal relationship. Some keep on compromising just for the sake of their children. Some gets separated taking a wise decision. Instead of pulling and stretching the life for fake values… its better to separate, and leave on our own terms. And the rest are the lucky ones, who really got their soul mates.

There are very few people who understand that a girl getting married to a man has to struggle a lot more than man. A girl coming to the boy’s house, has so many things to adjust with. She leaves her house where she spent her childhood and many memories, she leaves her parents and comes to a new house, and has to adjust with all new people and new place, she comes only with a hope that her partner will be with her, to make things easier. She marries a man with so many dreams.

And the parents of the girl, who spent their whole life – struggling to save money for the daughter’s marriage, and keep on dreaming of giving her a good family and finding a good, well-educated boy – which will take care and look after their daughter with love and care.

Above all when this companion proves to be a wrong person, what happens of the girl, what happens of her dreams …. When a man does not value, the love of her wife…

It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations.

‘I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude’ – Henry David Thoreau

‘Never have a companion that casts you in a shade’ – Baltasar

I strongly believe instead of pulling a wrong relationship which leads to a dead-end. It’s far better to end that relation, instead of showering your love on a person who does not value or deserve your LOVE, and move forward, so that you can give a good life to your children.  And lead a happy life on your own strength and principles… instead…



Connection is a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else. One that connects; a link: made a connection between the two pipes.  An association or relationship: an obvious connection between the one another.

Now-a-days the technology has emerged so widely, that has brought the World so nearer to one-another. Internet is the technology that has given us opportunity to connect with anyone from anywhere in the World, which has made things so much easier for us.

We can connect to anybody in the World without stepping out from our house. We can chat, we can discuss meetings, we can search for our desired job….etc. many things we can do on Internet very very easily.

We have seen time when we had to search for job only in newspapers or consultancies offering job placement. And we had to run to the offices wherever requirement is there. But now in the current situation… we search for selected profiles by filtering our priorities and by reviewing the company’s position its reputation and everything related to the job. So many benefits… only because of Internet. So the goals of making our career as we want has become so wide and easily accessible compared to the previous time.

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And this current technology is very beneficial for everybody like for maintaining social relations, with friends, relatives, etc. We can easily chat, leave messages on apps like Whats app. Keeping in touch with relatives to maintain relations has become so easier because of the social sites like Facebook and apps like whats app, we chat, etc. chatting apps. Otherwise there was time when we use to talk once in a month or longer than that, because of so busy life style. So we are lucky and should be thankful for this technologies.

This technology has brought the parents and children relationship also closer, as I have seen families in which the children have gone abroad for studies or have settled somewhere else than their parents. In those cases when the senior citizen parents are in bad condition suffering from some or the other medical problems. The son is not able to come to them or he is least bothered to talk to the parents in months. But now because of Skype and video calling facilities and the chats have given this opportunity to those families that they can make video calls twice to thrice a week, and even they can chat everyday. These gives pleasure and satisfaction to the parents, that they are closer and are in touch with their children … and even the for the children it has opened up the ways of communication, that in this busy and stressful life they can communicate with their parents even on the go… otherwise writing letters and expecting the reply in previous time was very tough, and painful.

These technologies have connected the people from throughout the World like a chain… that we are able to share our thoughts, feelings ..ideas everything. And these social media has opened up the doors in such a way.. that we have made many many friends on this online platform.. where one is sitting in one corner of the world and the second in the other corner.. still sharing and chatting ideas.

These online community has given business, jobs, portals, etc.. in-short has given employments to millions of people.. by these online community many people has got earning opportunity even by sitting at their home…especially to a mother of younger kids – who cannot go out because of the younger baby, to the housewives who is educated but is not willing to go out for some years —- can also earn by giving some hours at her flexibility, to the retired person who wants to spent some time and also wants to earn — without stepping out of the house…etc  and the list goes on.

So Internet is the technology who has brought the World together… at one place, who has CONNECTED ….the World in one string. Where we all are a family….

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Coffee best companion

Thinking of Coffee takes me to the pleasure moment of drinking coffee in the morning. Ohh aah!! the bestest of all is a cup of Coffee in the morning, nothing else can make a best start of the day rather than coffee.

A best companion, a best silence sharer….. nothing else can give. Only a cup of coffee !! Coffee mug in the hand and enjoying each moment / each sip with full peace of mind. Pleasantness of the morning weather with each sip of coffee is the best feeling ever, you know.

When you had a so good start of the day, your whole day passes superb !! I cannot think of starting my day without a cup of coffee. I am a Coffeeholic”

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When I want to spent some peaceful time, or want to be with my own self. I ll need my best companion, you know. A big mug of coffee in my hands, and myself …. best peace time ever…. With a cup of coffee I am able to think peacefully, I am able to focus on important points. I am able to take major decisions…. etc. In-short, I can say….  cannot think of life without coffee.

Sometimes, I dream of I am sitting on a beach side on sand, with a cup of coffee in my hands… and its sunset time, I am looking at the sunset, cold wind is blowing on my face… which is flowing my hair also… and I am enjoying it like …..anything…. what a pleasant moment it would be… isn’t it !!

For me Coffee keeps stress away ”  :)) Coffee lovers like me, ll agree…

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Anger: An enemy

Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response. It is a normal emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response…

Anger is such an emotion, which can be said – an enemy for each, because this is a weaker moment for each and every human being, which can lead to only wrong decisions … if not controlled or if not handled properly.

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When a person is angry, he or she is filled with so much of pressure of emotions that they don’t understand what is right, what is wrong, we can say that a persons thinking power is lost for some time, at this moment a person is so much frustrated that he thinks that whatever he is doing is correct and perfect, his senses are lost and cannot understand the after effects of that particular moment.

So, it is very very important for us to have control on our emotions, especially when we get angry or someone makes us angry, we should try harder to control ourselves and handle the situation, very very calmly, whatever may be the situation or reason of angry, because angerness leads to ONLY wrong decisions, and nothing else, the decisions / steps taken in anger is never correct.

So always be careful, never get angry, or never let anger raise in ourselves.. or lead our minds..

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