Protect your Heart with Fresh Garlic

17 May
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We should balance our diet in such a way that our each part of the body gets necessary nutrients. By including GARLIC in our daily food, not only adds tastes to our food but it also gives protection against many diseases. It is also helpful in Heart Disease.

Hearts basic function is to keep blood circulation proper in our body. Blood is very important for our body.

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Oxygen and important substances passes to all parts of the body through the small small veins present in our body. Carbon-dioxide is passed and reached to kidney, skin, etc. body parts through our blood only.

If this blood stops circulating then carbon-dioxide and the percentage of wastage in our body increases, because of this our body does not get oxygen and it results to immediate death.

The work of circulating blood in our body is done by our Heart. Heart works like a pump, and supplies blood in each part of our body. This process is known as Circulatory.

Food products like butter, ghee, vegetable ghee, oil, etc are fatty products these products increases the level of Cholesterol in our body. When the level of Cholestrol increases this Cholestrol sticks on the walls of veins, because of this the area of vein decreases and the area becomes narrow for the blood to pass from. So to push the  blood through viens, the heart has to struggle hard, resulting to this one experiences hyper tension, high blood pressure.

To keep the blood circulating the heart has to push blood very hard. The substances of fat that sticks on the walls of veins, does not allow the  blood to flow easily and properly because of this sometimes blood gets clotted and this clot increases the risk of an Heart Attack.

Sometimes those substances / the wastage flows with the blood and reaches to the heart, this wastage sticks on the heart and Heart Attack takes place.

A very simple example I will give you – in our house we get water through pipelines, when sometimes pipeline blocks because of the wastage and dust flow in the pipeline. The water supply stops, the same process is there with the heart function.

The main reason of heart disease is Cholesterol. Its evidence decreases by eating Onion. It is proved scientifically also. Garlic and Onion contains Oily substance. This oily substance decreases the percentage of Cholesterol present in our body. Onion and Garlic both contains the necessary oily substance but compared to onion, garlic contains more percentage of the oily substance. So by using Garlic the possibilities of blood veins becoming narrow becomes baseless.

By using Garlic in regular diet everyday the extra Cholesterol present in our body automatically destroys and the possibilities of Heart Attack becomes negligible.

In the families who have the hereditary of obesity and blood pressure should always be aware from beginning and start taking Garlic in their diet from beginning itself. Since childhood only one should eat Garlic in low percentage in their diet, then the possibilities of Heart Disease becomes zero.

Smoking damages blood veins very badly. So especially who has smoking habit, should make a point to eat Garlic regularly everyday.

One who’es Cholesterol level has increased than he should eat Garlic according to the body weight, than the balance of Cholestrol is maintained.

For example: If a person’s body weight is 80 kg his cholesterol level has increased, than he should eat 80 gm of garlic 2-3 times a day, then the level of Cholesterol decreases.

By taking precaution, eating 2-3 petals of Garlic a day makes the possibilities of Heart Attack equal to zero.

There is no other medicine available rather than Garlic which can be continued taking for a long time period. Garlic is the one and only medicine which has no side effects. Garlic has so many benefits which is mentioned in Ayurveda also.

So eat Garlic and stay healthy… :))


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