13 May

According to me, each & everybody on this earth is Surviving for something or the other in their own way, according to their personal capabilities & strength, whether it’s a human being or the animals & birds, each one fights for their betterment or for the survival on this earth.

Struggling everyday teaches one – one day to climb, when a bird comes out from an egg, does not know how to fly, trying by every passing day – one day it learns to fly. Same way situation & circumstances teaches every one to deal with the time & need.

I feel a person’s WILL POWER is the only biggest strength, which helps us to stand-up still and come out from an ordeal, which every one should have faith on, and everyone should find in oneself.

I feel a Survival is actually coming out from hardships, cling back to life, coming out from depression. One who fights up all those kinds of odds with a courage instead of taking stupid steps like suicide or something very wrong, is a true Survivor.

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I do agree in this life we face so many situations where we feel that our life has stopped, or “now What? “, or Why this has happened to ME only, kind of situations… and we feel like now nothing is left for me.. what will others say, others will laugh at me, others will gossip, etc…. and we are able to see nothing except darkness.

In those situations, we need to think positively leaving negativity behind, and come out strongly with Will Power, keeping faith in GOD that he will always plan good things for me, thinking about our loved ones, “Who care for us, and love us so much” rather than thinking about the worst that has happened.

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Always remember – Time is money!! passing time heals everything. So be happy, and be positive…:))

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