13 May

Generation can be termed in many ways, like technological generation, science generation, colour generation, generation gap.

Let’s talk about computers, do you remember when only desktops were available, a huge computer bigger one, then LCD’s and so on… and now see, how technology has progressed, computer is now c in our hands, smartphones has made the work so easy for us… that all computer related work, we are easily able to do with our smartphones. We have seen so many kinds of versions in front of us like – desktop, laptops, palmtop, notebook, etc. So it’s a bigger generation that we have seen.

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Think of the days when Surrogacy was taken as something Veered – we are talking about, and now the science has emerged so much that we are having now the advantages of test tube babies, IVF, and so on… which has given so many families smile on their faces, has completed so many couples family. So here too we have seen a big generation progress.

Then comes the black-white time, when we were having only black & white snaps, black & white TV programs, and a big huge television box with an antenna as a supporter for the telecast. And see how the generation changed / progressed technology. We experienced coloured camera’s, coloured movies, coloured television and in that too, varieties of television’s lcd’s, LED’s, and now curved televisions with 3D functionalities, USB drives, internet connected, etc…

Next comes Generation Gap…..differences of opinion between one generation and another, which can be termed as differences in actions, beliefs, politics, values or tastes, leading to a lack of understanding. These days, we are lucky that our parents are our friends more than a parent.

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Otherwise we have seen people where their grand parents are so orthodox with some particular things, which they are not ready to change at all, some rules of the house in name of tradition, they keep on following….following and following….

In some particular things you all will agree, we tend to forget that we were also kids and we also have done things that our kids are doing in present, which we are not allowing them to do – as now we are a parent!!! Here comes the generation gap, as now we are parent our vision of looking at things change with our responsibilities, which we didn’t understand when we were kids. Those small-small things arise generation gap. But we all forget that their experiences are higher and b’cos of their experiences they wants to teach us and warn us from going wrong, and from falling in life.


3 responses to “Generation

  1. Megha Agrawal

    May 13, 2016 at 10:16 am

    You are so right our parents are our friends who understand us better than anyone else. They are full of advice with the life experience they have.

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