12 May

A different Kind, form, different characters, forms of emotions, a variety of so many personalities… all in one person – that is ‘MOM’. A best example of diversity.

You all will agree with me, there is only one person in this World who carries so many personalities all together in herself – that is MOM. She performs so many duties together, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend for her children, a daughter-in-law, etc.

A mother is the only person who has the guts, the capacity, the strength, willpower to carry all those responsibilities with a smile on her face all time. A only person who works 24×7 for her family, without a single leave, we all work, but do we work 24×7, we do have week-offs, isn’t it. But our mom’s work all day long, without any week-off, free of cost, with a wonderful smile always on her face, cheering us all time. Never complains about anything, not even lets us know about her tiredness or stress. Hats off to our MOM’s, only she has the desire to be the one, that she is…..

“I LOVE MY MOM….SO MUCH….” Who is always with me…thanks mom for being there…

You know why mom is the Gods best gift to us, he knew that he cannot be there all time for everyone on this World, so he made Mother… as a mothers love is UNCONDITIONAL !!!

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Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Daily Prompts


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