07 May

Logically defining a shadow in very simple way is a dark shape that appears on a surface when someone or something moves between the surface and a source of light, an area of darkness, caused by light being blocked by something. Shadow – silhouette, outline, shape, contour, etc.

Were as Shadow is used in so many ways by great talents in the World. Where the meaning of Shadow is totally changed as form of “Art”. The great minds / talents have used & are using it in a very beautiful form like using shadow of hands my making superb animals, presenting plays, short stories of presentation on projection curtains from behind it. Dance forms by using their shadows. Which is very innovative, and out of the box, for which they should be honoured, praised & encouraged.  Very well deserving.

Image Source: Google

When we are talking about the form of shadow, I remember in our childhood we also use to try this shadow technique on the wall, by making some different shape with our hands, of dog, bird, rabbit, etc. and use to enjoy it a lot, whenever electricity is fused off, we use to try this in candle light more over.

Image Source: Google


In our Gujarati’s there are two phrases used. The first one is “ Ugata Suraj Ne Badhaj Puje” …it means everybody praises only them, who are at top, nobody stands by us when we are suffering from a low phase of time. The other phrase is “ Padchayo bi sath chodi de che”… means shadow also does not stand by us, leaves us alone, when we are suffering from a bad or weak phase.

So there are so many bifurcations of shadow, can be defined in various factors of life.


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