05 May

The word itself is so catchy, listening to the word “Beach” appears in my mind so many glimpses and memories of the beach arises in my mind.

Beach is such a beautiful place, that everyone loves it. It’s a place which gives a cool, calm feeling to everybody. Its a place where everybody wants & loves to spent time, sitting in front of the beach.

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It’s not only romantic to sit on the beach shore, but it’s too lovely place for kids also who enjoy making mud houses, passing by hands inside the mud shaking on the opposite side with one-another, writing names on the side of water…which vanishes with the coming wave. Playing on the beach, and the mud that sticks on us, which does not go away even after removing it with our hand, it goes only when we wash it with water, still we loved playing J !!We all have done those things in the childhood as well as after we grew up as an adult…isnt it?

It reminds me of so many memories spent on beach with friends & family. Which brings smile on my face, while writing this post. So much of fun I had, enjoyed a lot, one thing that I love a lot is horse-cart ride on the beach shore, with family members, a huge round on the corner side of beach, while passing by the water that splashes on us, gives a cool feeling riding in the cart.

When I was so young in the childhood time, I always use to dream, that when I grew up I ll make my house in front of the beach… so that every evening I can sit over there looking at the water and with a cup of coffee in my hands… WOw!!! how lovely it would be…

Last but not the least…A beach is a natures most beautiful gift to us!!!


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