26 Apr

Whisper is to speak very softly using one’s breath rather than one’s throat, especially for the sake of secrecy.To murmur, mutter, mumble, low voice, hushed tone, undertone,etc.all this types of sounds are called Whisper.

But one thing that God has gifted us with is our internal voice of whisper, which we many times fail to listen at.. which never lets us go off track/ on a wrong path. Which we call it is our conscious/gut feeling whisper of our soul,is always correct, it never leads us towards wrong path. But what happens that we sometimes think by using our brain instead of our heart, which is not right always. And we understand this after we fail in those plans, and we recognize also that we were not clear in our decision, at one corner of our heart we were getting a small whisper of should I?? should I ?? do this…or not??

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So we should keep faith on our inner strength of whisper and should go ahead in life, by focusing on the Gods beautiful gift of WHISPER…

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