Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

07 Apr

Gourd is bitter in taste but keeps us away from many diseases, like deficiency of haemoglobin, diabetes, night blindness, headache, worms, etc..

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Lets see how:

Take fresh Amla juice & mix it with Gourd juice and drink it in the morning. By doing this Diabetes stays in control. Consumption of Gourd regularly keeps diabetes in control.

Gourd builds strong digestion power.

By eating Gourd on a regular basis, cures headache problem, night blindness, fever, worms.

Gourd contains vitamin ‘A’. Vitamin ‘A’ increases vision. By making children eat Gourd on a  regular basis improves their vision, they get Vitamin ‘A’ in adequate quantity, and it makes their digestion power strong. Food gets digested very fast, whenever you eat Gourd in lunch.

Gourd contains more quantity of phosphorus, which is very beneficial for our brain. Your brain gains strength. Gourd improves memory level. You also gain physical strength from it.

By drinking Gourd juice twice a day, morning & evening cures stone problem.

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After delivery, to get good quantity of milk, boil Gourd leaves nicely and give this boiled water to the mother 20 gram, twice a day – morning & evening.

Gourd contains calcium & phosphorus, which is very healthy for teeth and bones.

Gourd also contains more quantity of water like other vegetables. It contains 92.4% of water.

Gourd’s upper part contains more bitterness, so it is advisable to eat without peeling it.

Gourd’s leaf juice cures Malaria.

Applying Gourd juice on Hindsight, destroys Hindsight forever, but apply it with cotton.

By drinking Gourd juice 20-30 grams daily, cures any kind of skin disease.

By eating Gourd vegetable on regular basis cures cough the problem.

In rainy-season knee pain increases. So in this season by drinking 10 gram of Gourd juice, and by applying it on knees, cures knee pain.

Gourd is very beneficial for breathing problem also.

There are still many more benefits of bitter Gourd, so make it a point to eat bitter Gourd atleast once a week, to stay healthy, fit & fine.

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4 responses to “Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

  1. Megha Agrawal

    April 7, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    It’s one of my favorite vegetable. Thanks for sharing it’s health benefits may be I can convince my husband to eat this.


    • Radically Distinctive

      April 8, 2016 at 5:50 am

      Its my pleasure, you are most welcome!! Yes yes definately, try your best to convince him…wish you luck..:))


  2. 101 status

    April 9, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Good post. I definitely love this website. Keep writing!



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