05 Apr

The Life Before Marriage & After Marriage for a Girl

There is a high contrast in a Girl’s life, how the life of a Girl changes drastically after the marriage. How the responsibilities changes after the marriage, and what are the expectations loaded on a newly wedded girl entering the Grooms house…

Before marriage a girl is enjoying her life with full fledge, and takes her own decisions, leads her life on her own terms.

BUT as soon as she gets married, everything changes.. she is not supposed to take her own decisions, ( I mean, majorly – approx. 75% of families I have seen, this..) She has to take permissions for certain things. She is not suppose to take any kind of decision either for her house matter or the personal matter. If she wants to continue working after marriage, that too – she cannot decide herself, she has to take permission. People pretend as if, they own the new girl entering their house, she has no liberty or freedom to take her own decisions. Though the World has changed totally, where the century has reached, and how girls have achieved marvellous success in different fields, still the mind-set of people & society at some extent has not changed, Which is sad… “How wrong this is…”

“There are exceptions… but as I said majority of the families are like this.”

Imagine for a girl, how difficult it is..!! The very first thing is when she comes from her “home sweet home”, to her husband’s home after marriage, coming out from her comfort zone, from her sweet childhood memories, and above all leaving her parents.. to a totally different atmosphere in an unknown place – is itself ‘a difficult thing to settle down with’, in a unknown house, unknown people and accept all the new things of new family, new house, new people, hubby parents..etc.

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