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Whisper is to speak very softly using one’s breath rather than one’s throat, especially for the sake of secrecy.To murmur, mutter, mumble, low voice, hushed tone, undertone,etc.all this types of sounds are called Whisper.

But one thing that God has gifted us with is our internal voice of whisper, which we many times fail to listen at.. which never lets us go off track/ on a wrong path. Which we call it is our conscious/gut feeling whisper of our soul,is always correct, it never leads us towards wrong path. But what happens that we sometimes think by using our brain instead of our heart, which is not right always. And we understand this after we fail in those plans, and we recognize also that we were not clear in our decision, at one corner of our heart we were getting a small whisper of should I?? should I ?? do this…or not??

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So we should keep faith on our inner strength of whisper and should go ahead in life, by focusing on the Gods beautiful gift of WHISPER…

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There was a time when Newspaper was only, the most important and useful means of media, to stay connected with the World, to know and to be updated with What’s happening in the other part of the World or say in the whole World, early morning the very first thing we do is to read Newspaper with a cup of tea, there was no other mode of information from where you can get the news, television was there but still, newspaper was the only mode to get detailed informative news…

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Now the time has changed, because the technology has progressed so widely, that we get each and every second news, updates so fast and with ease because of the invention of Internet, Internet is the widest and fastest techno to stay connected with the World with ease, and stay updated with the World, sitting at home we can stay tuned with the person who is oceans away from us. We are very lucky to be a part of this era, where we can emerge ourselves and can grow with this technology. Because of internet, people are able to develop their business with very less investment, and are able to do commercial publicity with very ease and more effectively, only because of internet. Internet has given wings to lots and lots of people in so many ways.

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Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Gourd is bitter in taste but keeps us away from many diseases, like deficiency of haemoglobin, diabetes, night blindness, headache, worms, etc..

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Lets see how:

Take fresh Amla juice & mix it with Gourd juice and drink it in the morning. By doing this Diabetes stays in control. Consumption of Gourd regularly keeps diabetes in control.

Gourd builds strong digestion power.

By eating Gourd on a regular basis, cures headache problem, night blindness, fever, worms.

Gourd contains vitamin ‘A’. Vitamin ‘A’ increases vision. By making children eat Gourd on a  regular basis improves their vision, they get Vitamin ‘A’ in adequate quantity, and it makes their digestion power strong. Food gets digested very fast, whenever you eat Gourd in lunch.

Gourd contains more quantity of phosphorus, which is very beneficial for our brain. Your brain gains strength. Gourd improves memory level. You also gain physical strength from it.

By drinking Gourd juice twice a day, morning & evening cures stone problem.

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After delivery, to get good quantity of milk, boil Gourd leaves nicely and give this boiled water to the mother 20 gram, twice a day – morning & evening.

Gourd contains calcium & phosphorus, which is very healthy for teeth and bones.

Gourd also contains more quantity of water like other vegetables. It contains 92.4% of water.

Gourd’s upper part contains more bitterness, so it is advisable to eat without peeling it.

Gourd’s leaf juice cures Malaria.

Applying Gourd juice on Hindsight, destroys Hindsight forever, but apply it with cotton.

By drinking Gourd juice 20-30 grams daily, cures any kind of skin disease.

By eating Gourd vegetable on regular basis cures cough the problem.

In rainy-season knee pain increases. So in this season by drinking 10 gram of Gourd juice, and by applying it on knees, cures knee pain.

Gourd is very beneficial for breathing problem also.

There are still many more benefits of bitter Gourd, so make it a point to eat bitter Gourd atleast once a week, to stay healthy, fit & fine.

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In this busiest life, full of work, work, work & responsibilities around, gathered with lot of stress. I feel like I run away at a peaceful place.. were there is peace, peace and peace. No work, no stress or no more running with the clock.

In the current time, in this competitive fast life, we all have come faraway from the peaceful time that we all have experienced more or less. When we use to sit & chat with the relatives, family friends, friends, and use to spent quality time with them all, and we use to get oxygen by feeling relaxed with them. We use to plan get together’s at weekends, etc.. In vacations we use to go at uncle, aunty’s house to stay and enjoyed with cousins, and lot more.

Now-a-days nobody has got time to spent with compared to the past phase. Even these days no relatives like if anyone is visiting their house for more than 2 days.

The World has changed evenly, relations have changed.. now the intimacy has changed a lot. The affection of relation, the definition of love, empathy has changed drastically. These generation children are not going to learn or understand those values.

I wish that time, that affection come’s back!!


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It reminds me of my childhood days. Those wonderful years of my life, most beautiful time of each child. As that is the only time when we are not bothered about anything, like who said what, why, and when. Not bothered at all, skipping of meals & milk, tuitions for playing.street-edited

In those childhood days, I remember my playtime which I use to spent on my residence street with my friends where I grew up, all lovely games like hide & seek, badminton, thief & the beggar, playing in mud, skipping, etc… How can we forget, getting together at night, all jolly times spent on the street … learning bicycle, making excuses to our parents to go out and play with friends.

I miss my childhood days, and off course my Street .. where I grew up, all my memorable days..


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The Life Before Marriage & After Marriage for a Girl

There is a high contrast in a Girl’s life, how the life of a Girl changes drastically after the marriage. How the responsibilities changes after the marriage, and what are the expectations loaded on a newly wedded girl entering the Grooms house…

Before marriage a girl is enjoying her life with full fledge, and takes her own decisions, leads her life on her own terms.

BUT as soon as she gets married, everything changes.. she is not supposed to take her own decisions, ( I mean, majorly – approx. 75% of families I have seen, this..) She has to take permissions for certain things. She is not suppose to take any kind of decision either for her house matter or the personal matter. If she wants to continue working after marriage, that too – she cannot decide herself, she has to take permission. People pretend as if, they own the new girl entering their house, she has no liberty or freedom to take her own decisions. Though the World has changed totally, where the century has reached, and how girls have achieved marvellous success in different fields, still the mind-set of people & society at some extent has not changed, Which is sad… “How wrong this is…”

“There are exceptions… but as I said majority of the families are like this.”

Imagine for a girl, how difficult it is..!! The very first thing is when she comes from her “home sweet home”, to her husband’s home after marriage, coming out from her comfort zone, from her sweet childhood memories, and above all leaving her parents.. to a totally different atmosphere in an unknown place – is itself ‘a difficult thing to settle down with’, in a unknown house, unknown people and accept all the new things of new family, new house, new people, hubby parents..etc.

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