29 Mar

We all have experienced this frivolousness in our life, you all will agree with me, more or less, we all are connected with this.That best time, I remember of, is the school days, when we are least bothered of taking our meals, or drinking milk, because all the time we wanted to play, play and only play. Also we did not care to arrange our time-table everyday. But those were beautiful days. But after higher secondary, its time to settle down, so then everybody has to become serious to achieve their future dreams, to lead towards a good career.. isn’t it?

Some people become responsible at a very early phase of life, some are responsible by nature from a young age, and few people take more than half of their life to understand responsibilities, and to be serious in life, at times.

I feel that in some cases, the pampered child of a family, becomes frivolous.. and it becomes a habit of that child, not to take life seriously in any condition.. here the parents & family members become responsible for that child’s frivolous behavior.. so over
pampering is also one cause or rather say ‘one big risk factor for our dear ones’…a younger kid of the family, a younger brother/sister amongst all, this kind of person is pampered as the youngest member in the family, so gets over pampered of all..

So this is to be taken care off.. as too this kind of person becomes careless & irresponsible, forever… which is harmful for its personal life/goal/career.. as that person becomes Frivolous.. by nature.


Posted by on March 29, 2016 in Daily Prompts


2 responses to “Frivolous

  1. amommasview

    March 29, 2016 at 11:45 am

    You got A point there…



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