21 Mar

This word  Window  remind’s me of my childhood days, takes me into flash back, to my Golden days memory…when I was so young 6-7 years old. I lived in sweet small bungalow, my “Sweet Home”. In my society we have a total of 110 bungalows. But during rainy days, when we have a good rain, because of a height slope, our society is covered up with at least 1-2 feet of water filled up for a few hours. I use to love this very much….
Why !! It had a reason, during this time, my dad – my lovely dad use to make boats for me, make me sit on his lap, next to the Window & give me paper boats to throw it out from the Window, in the water & watch how the boat flows in the water….. I enjoyed this very much I keep on throwing a number of boats in the water & clap, I was filled up with joy, when I see my paper boat travelling till my eyesight can reach, I had a huge smile on my face, seeing so much of joy on my face, my dad felt very glad, and my dad kept on making boats for me. I remember he never got tired, he never refused to me, ‘saying that now its enough of it’ …and not even got bored with it… some boats flew away some went of upside down… for which I use to cry also, but my dad made me smile making a huge number of boats for me … all the time…

So I have some special very sweet memories of my bedroom Window.
I am so lucky & so happy, to have World’s Best Dad !! I really really remember those golden days a lot!! All my childhood days, with the wonderful small small memories.. I wish we could again go back to our childhood…how nice it would be ..!! isn’t it !! :))
I want to take this opportunity to thank my Wonderful parents, my lovely Mom & Dad, for everything that they did, for each & every moment of my life… and for making my childhood so memorable & special..

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