Fight To Destroy Blindbeliefs…from Root

19 Mar

We together should fight for the wrong things, wrong culture,
going on since a long time, to make our society, the Whole World
pure &  healthy, to live like..

“Blind beliefs of Baba’s going on in some villages still…”
torturing Woman, giving them false promises, you won’t believe the
Woman are forced to go to this “Baba” & this baba is doing this
Womans operation without any degree, with a huge knife…Name of
Superstition Treatment of Woman, Superstition, Bihar, Baba cut
Woman womb…

See this video, by divyabhaskar…you ll be shocked!!

Someone or Something, put up a good fight, for a good
cause…Though the time has changed totally, and woman are highly
respected & are found achieving great things, like woman
successfully going on space, woman fighting Air crafts, woman
doing all things that a man does, and the list goes on…yet at
some places like villages, and in backward classes, and small
towns its very sad to know, woman are treated like a thing,
a experimenting creature, a slave…. and what all,which is very shameful to know…

“I believe we should fight for a good cause, love only what we

respect, and … It’s this kind of regard for others that makes me

believe I’d be a good person, and do something good for our

society, that people remember you, even after your death.”

In all respect for “WOMAN”…Fight To Destroy Blindbeliefs…from Root

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