16 Mar

EnvyGenerally this emotion is 90% found in all age groups more or less,some are aware of it, whereas some are not.

Lets talk about the kids, from 5-10 years of age, unknowingly they are connected with this feeling, very much possessive with their small small things, and also for their teacher..

Lets say each kid puts in all the efforts one can put in their age, struggling to become the teachers pet, cannot see any other kid to be the teachers pet, except his ownself.

And in this time period, say in this century, more of less we all are very possessive, with our status our position in the society, in the current competitive World!!

But one thing I dont like is, now a days, everybody is comparing themself with the other person, say in terms of the luxury & status, if any close relative or a friend coming in connection with one, then the other one starts feeling envious with that person.

One should be relying on itself & should have trust in oneself. And should focus on its personal desire & interest, rather than comparing & achieving the things that the third person has, just to show – off.

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