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Expanding Horizons In IVF Tech

In current century, science & technology has progressed so highly, which is highly appreciable… IVF tech has achieved marvellous success now a days.. So I thought of sharing some useful information with you all…

Lets talk about in detail..

Involuntary childlessness is a psycho­logical and social dilemma for one of the partners in a marriage or for child­less couples. It can have a lifelong im­pact on many of these couples. Holiday gatherings centred around bright-eyed children seem like a happy occasion to most of us but for one group of people, it’s an aching reminder of what’s lack­ing in their life.

Several factors may ne­cessitate IVF technology for conception and birth. The most common reason for inability to conceive in women is either severely damaged or absence fallopian tubes or severe male infertility or low sperm count. But couples have many doubts about modern-day technologies that are giving new rays of hope to childless couples.

Source Image: From Googlepic4-IVF

Concerns through the following ques­tions and answers:

  • What is the solution when the patient has no uterus but wants a baby? Due to medical rea­sons, if anyone had removed uterus. Then also she  can successfully have a baby through IVF and surrogacy.
  • Is there a solution for a man who does not have a wife but still wants to become a father? Anybody who does not want to get married, but still wanted to have a child. He can have a child by using his sperm with ovum donation and surrogacy.
  • Similarly, can a woman who doesn’t have a husband become a mother? Anyone who has no de­sire to get married but she want to have a baby. Can have a baby, by using sperm donation, which helps her conceive and she can deliv­er a healthy baby.
  • Can aging women have children? As more and more women are waiting longer to have children, egg-freezing is in demand. Women can have children by using egg-freezing technology. The procedure has resulted in successful and healthy pregnancy at later ages.
  • How can a menopausal woman at­tain moth­erhood? Women suffering through menopausal can also obtain motherhood, by ovum do­nation and IVF,  get pregnant and deliver healthy baby.
  • What about medical conditions of Azo­ospermic (no sperm)? Any patient having zero sperm count. Sperm can be aspirated from tes­ticles and through technology, those couples can have a child.

So in all, the thing is, every couples can have a smile on their faces & everyone’s desire can be fulfilled, with this technology.

So it’s very nice, the people in this generation are lucky enough that techno has progressed a lot this days.  And IVF is achieving 100% success.. Otherwise, a decade back I have seen many people unhappy for not having child for whatever may be the reason..

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We all have experienced this frivolousness in our life, you all will agree with me, more or less, we all are connected with this.That best time, I remember of, is the school days, when we are least bothered of taking our meals, or drinking milk, because all the time we wanted to play, play and only play. Also we did not care to arrange our time-table everyday. But those were beautiful days. But after higher secondary, its time to settle down, so then everybody has to become serious to achieve their future dreams, to lead towards a good career.. isn’t it?

Some people become responsible at a very early phase of life, some are responsible by nature from a young age, and few people take more than half of their life to understand responsibilities, and to be serious in life, at times.

I feel that in some cases, the pampered child of a family, becomes frivolous.. and it becomes a habit of that child, not to take life seriously in any condition.. here the parents & family members become responsible for that child’s frivolous behavior.. so over
pampering is also one cause or rather say ‘one big risk factor for our dear ones’…a younger kid of the family, a younger brother/sister amongst all, this kind of person is pampered as the youngest member in the family, so gets over pampered of all..

So this is to be taken care off.. as too this kind of person becomes careless & irresponsible, forever… which is harmful for its personal life/goal/career.. as that person becomes Frivolous.. by nature.


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Fearless‘ reminds me of the soldiers who protect us, by guarding our country on borders, bravely, standing with courage 24×7, without any fear.. being aware of, that anytime their can be an attack, which comes in without any knock.. and they can lose their lives any second..

Those are the great heroes, who too has families, and having a family is the biggest fear for every human being.. because its a fact, and a bitter truth, that we are always afraid for our loved ones.. our weak point is our family, as we care the most for our loved ones.. and what will happen of our dear ones, after we will die… is the biggest fear..

So a person needs so much of courage to stand still, fearless and with daring 24×7 to protect us… So I salute to the real heroes of our country.. who deserve it!! Hats off!! to the
great ones… In all respect to The Soldiers..


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What more can I ask for – Gods Love is Priceless !!

Thinking about this word, brings only one thing in my mind very strongly, that God loves me a lot, and he is with me always, he keeps on showering his love …….  without asking for anything God has given me everything…. What more can I ask for…

The very first thing a child gets when he / she is born…. PARENTS

God has gifted me with World’s Best Parents ever .. who are with me always, 24×7 who smiles with me, and cries with me every day, supports me in all phases of life… What more can I ask for…

And also an elder sister who is a every time companion, friend and a supporter all the time… and a brother-in-law, two small kids also in my life, one is my precious nephew Nakul my darling, and the other one is my precious princess my daughter Dhruvi… my darling… What more can I ask for…

Which makes my family a wonderful family…  which God has gifted me with… who are with me like a milestone, 24×7… What more can I ask for…

And given me birth in, so prestigious Brahmin religion….

And he sent me to this World, with a full complete body structure, without any disabilities, without any abnormalities, for which I am thankful to him, a lot…

For giving me all love & comfort, that each human being needs…

For giving me a peaceful sleep, for feeding me all day complete meals… What more can I ask for…

He has given me a lot, beyond my expectation…. a memorable childhood, so loving and caring parents, who gave me so so soooo  much.. above their reach and grew me up like a real World princess… & still are showering their unconditional love… , well cultured society, and much much more…. What more can I ask for…

Whenever I am in a fix, in stress, or in financial crisis, God always opens his doors and my problem is solved in seconds… many a times I wonder ‘How did I come out from such a difficult situation…’ he is always showering his blessings… whether I pray him everyday or not..  he never forget to shower his blessings on me….   What more can I ask for…

He is beneath me…

When he has given me so much…..WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR….. GODS LOVE IS PRICELESS !!!



WATER  :  Water Useful In Keeping Fit & Healthy

We all know that Water is life. This colour, smell & tasteless natural liquid is like Honeydew for our life-cycle. Drinking a lot of water is very essential, for keeping our body, work smoothly. In todays intense & stressful life, we often forget to drink water. Therefore health specialists advise to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, to keep healthy. If there is deficient of Water in our body, our health comes in danger.

But now people are becoming more aware of this, so many people are taking care of this fact & have started drinking enough water everyday.

Some Important Facts & Symptoms necessary to know:

  1. You are feeling TIRED & SLEEPY – Deficiency of water in our body, makes us experience tiredness. 75% of our body consist of water. So if this evidence of water decreases, the level of our body strength also decreases. Deficient water in our body also leads to decrease in our blood count. Because of this our muscles gets very less Oxygenation. This is the reason for feeling tired & sleepy.
  1. Protection against HEART DISEASE – Drinking of less water arises the possibilities of heart disease. Who has heart disease should drink more water & should reduce consumption of other drinks.
  1. Healthy SEXUAL LIFE – Who so ever’ s sex life has become dull, should intake at least 8 glasses of water daily. It revolves blood in muscles & reaches to each part of the body. It gives Regeneration & increases the efficiency of each body part.
  1. Beautiful SKIN – Enough consumption of Water makes skin smooth & glamorous. Because of enough water, there is a growth in blood circulation, this gives protein to the skin & nourishes it. The skin looks young & healthy. Clean skin does not get wrinkles.
  1. Keeping BODY CLEAN – Water plays a very important role in keeping body clean from inside. If you are not consuming enough water in the body, the dirt present in our body does not allow our lever & kidney to work properly. This gives the invitation to many diseases.
  1. Control in BODY WEIGHT – If you want to stay slim, fit & healthy you should drink enough water. In reducing body weight also water plays an important role. Water helps in digesting the fat of the body. If water is less in our body, the fat freezes more. If water is less than kidney is not able to function properly, in this case lever has to perform kidneys work & so the load is more on the lever. Which is not good.
  1. Relief in BREATHING PROBLEM – Any person suffering with breathing problem, if consumes less water, there is an increase in the percentage of breathing attack. So one should drink enough water, for reducing the possibilities of attack.
  1. Consumption QUANTITY CRITERIA – The quantity of water that you are drinking is enough or not, to find this out, what you can do : you need to keep an eye on your urine. If the urine colour is light yellowish then it means you are drinking adequate water, so not to worry, but if the urine colour is dark yellow then it means you have deficiency of water & you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Please note after knowing the advantages of Water, some people start consuming water in a large quantity, which is also not proper, access of anything is like poison, everything should be taken in an adequate quantity only.

Consumption of too much water makes Sodium present in our body dull, b’cos of this it becomes passive & is not good for our body.

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A friend is someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, a person who gives assistance who supports you always, whatever may be the situation, in all ups & down of life.

A friend does not mean, that has to be of the same age as is yours. A friend can be of any age, any sex. Friend is a word, which gives you a feeling of comfort, where you don’t have to think & speak…

“In short a relation of comfort, where you can share all your emotions, all your fears, all your highs & lows. “

A Mom is also a friend, rather is the best friend, who always stands by us, strong like a milestone, in all situations of life. Always bears our tantrums with a smiling face, making us calm, always supports us with our mood swings, always makes us strong in our weak times, giving us a positivity, and teaching us to opt positive attitude towards life.


My bestest friend is my Mom!! My dearest & lovely Mom, I want to take this opportunity to thank my Mom,  I love her, so much… Thanks a lot Mom, for always being there, and for being my best friend ever… :))


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This word  Window  remind’s me of my childhood days, takes me into flash back, to my Golden days memory…when I was so young 6-7 years old. I lived in sweet small bungalow, my “Sweet Home”. In my society we have a total of 110 bungalows. But during rainy days, when we have a good rain, because of a height slope, our society is covered up with at least 1-2 feet of water filled up for a few hours. I use to love this very much….
Why !! It had a reason, during this time, my dad – my lovely dad use to make boats for me, make me sit on his lap, next to the Window & give me paper boats to throw it out from the Window, in the water & watch how the boat flows in the water….. I enjoyed this very much I keep on throwing a number of boats in the water & clap, I was filled up with joy, when I see my paper boat travelling till my eyesight can reach, I had a huge smile on my face, seeing so much of joy on my face, my dad felt very glad, and my dad kept on making boats for me. I remember he never got tired, he never refused to me, ‘saying that now its enough of it’ …and not even got bored with it… some boats flew away some went of upside down… for which I use to cry also, but my dad made me smile making a huge number of boats for me … all the time…

So I have some special very sweet memories of my bedroom Window.
I am so lucky & so happy, to have World’s Best Dad !! I really really remember those golden days a lot!! All my childhood days, with the wonderful small small memories.. I wish we could again go back to our childhood…how nice it would be ..!! isn’t it !! :))
I want to take this opportunity to thank my Wonderful parents, my lovely Mom & Dad, for everything that they did, for each & every moment of my life… and for making my childhood so memorable & special..

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