Golden Years Of My Life

Spicy has many meanings in various ways, like in food specially has its own place.. were as it has many more meanings…like exciting / entertaining/ colourful/ lively/ zesty/ lustful/ spirited and many more.

This spicy word takes me to my childhood, connects me with my most memorable time ….my sweet Golden period of my life I can say, was my childhood…. stress free, carefree, full of livelihood.…

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My childhood was the best time of my life, I can say Spicy Golden Years…. Full of fun, enjoyment, full of colours, full of entertainment, everyday a new masti, that playing in sand, playing with the street puppy, feeding him, making a small house for the puppy,carrying him home which is very dirty full of mud..and then scolding of mom.. for making the house dirty, while playing cricket breaking the window glasses of the neighbours, collecting stones, stamps, skipping, playing with marbles and not to forget I use to play gully – danda very much …it was my favourite game ( in India we have this game…in this game we have a wooden long stick and a small wooden stick pointed from both the sides – this has to be hitted from one corner with the long stick and then striked with force…and it should be thrown very far…the longest distance covered gets maximum points) in this game the small wooden stick is called gully…while playing this game our gulli sometimes used to go in the neighbour’s house… and we were getting so much scolding from the neighbours and parents also.. because sometimes the window glasses also use to break, but still again the next day we were back with the gulli – danda… 😊 , not at all bothered about anything else, I remember it very thoroughly while this playing time, I never use to feel hungry or tired or anything else…all that matters was chilling out with friends.. and planning about new dhamaal masti …..fully loaded spicy time… though playing continuously for so many hours still we were not tired & not even ready to return back home at night..…

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This was the marvellous time of my life, I miss those days… even the school days were full of fun..

My childhood was fully fragrant with spice….


Fenugreek Seeds used as Medicine

Fenugreek is popularly known as methi in hindi, and its seeds are very essential spice of an Indian kitchen, widely used in many Indian recipes .

Fenugreek seed comes from fenugreek plant, it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Fenugreek seeds are rich in minerals such as iron, selenium, copper, zinc, potassium, calcium, manganese and magnesium. In the vitamin department, it contains thiamin, folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, and vitamins A and C.

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Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds (Methi seeds)

>> Everyday while going to sleep take 25 – 30 seeds of Fenugreek with drinking water for 15 days.

>> By doing this you have various benefits mentioned below:

1.) Blood circulation will be smooth and easy

2.) Cleans stomach

3.) Joint pain will be cured

4.) Improves digestion

5.) Cures skin problems

6.) Cures acidity

7.) Reduces cholesterol

8.) Regular cycle of periods

9.) Weight – loss

10.) Solves hair problem

11.) You will feel fresh the whole day

Fenugreek seeds are bitter in taste, this seeds stays in stomach till morning, which spreads in the body totally, which benefits us in this various ways. So taking Fenugreek seeds is very beneficial for our whole body. This is one of the reason that it is used in many Indian dishes.

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In todays current trend we all have become so so so busy in our lives, that we don’t get a little time to pause & think or over look at our perspective in life, or say to peep in ourselves that are we giving time to our loved one’s or spending quality moments with them, I agree that we are busy & are focusing in our career, for them only, to give them better life, but still….its a big exclamation !!!!

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We should at least before going to bed, we should pause for 5 minutes & relax our mind and should go in flash back & think…..!!! What we did the full day & in the past 24 hours, how much time we gave to our family…. I tell you, we ll be surprised / shocked…. With the answer we get….

So in short the conclusion is, in today’s competitive time… focusing on the career & position is equally important.. but family is also… at the first priority…. Who ll be with us, always like  a milestone… !!!

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Cusp a pointed end where two curves meet, in particular. This relates me with every girl more or less  with the situation, that every girl experiences in her life, a drastic cusp coming in her life with a mixed feeling in her heart…which makes her confuse that she is happy or nervous or ……?

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The occasion of her marriage, which is a celebration movement ! Where in she carries lots of joy & dreams with her and also she is aware & frightened off…. that, with this step her bachelor life comes to an end…. b’cos till now she was living with complete independence without any responsibilities, or any sort of tension or worries…. with full fun & joy, as here everything was looked after by parents, & leaving everything here and going to a whole new place…and into an unknown family with all new people…and into a new house, leaving all your comfort, your house with your all childhood memories, etc.. is a very difficult cusp of your life…. Which only a girl can understand who has experienced it…. more or less…

This phase of life is very challenging…. It means that someone or something is on the cusp, like they are between two states….

B’cos when a girl gets married, alongwith so much of joy of moving ahead in life with your partner, many more things come in your life, like very firstly responsibilities with this new post of wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, etc… so many new relations, and with those relations… new expectations and responsibilities!! Very suddenly all this together makes us very furious and tense. Because its as new as a child going to school for the very first time with a blank slate…. !!!


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Instinct – a natural intuitive power

It’s a God’s gift given to everyone on earth, every creature is gifted this gut feeling by God. A gut Instinct Which everybody feels.

All animals, birds, human beings… everyone feels it.

I am amazed at times When I see some over whelming things in front of me.. things such as the birds & animals behaving and doing some things Which are difficult for us to believe, like have you ever seen birds or animals teaching their kids to fly/ eat/ climb, etc..

I have seen, it was a treat vision for me…. that I saw.. A duck was teaching her 3 kids, climbing the stairs…. Just wonder… without holding their hands without uttering a word… she teaches her kids  everything and it’s a lovely feeling to see this.. how the kids were following their mother all 3, one behind the other. Such things are Instinct behaviour’s… in animals and birds.

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We humans also have gut instinct feeling… have you ever tried following your instinct’s or trusting your gut feeling… I believe you should never doubt your instinct… always trust your gut instincts, if you genuinely feel in your heart & soul that something is wrong, it usually is.

Because gut feeling appears from your heart/ your soul… not brain… you ll understand this When you are fixed in some situation, When you are not able to take decision… you are confused or you are fixed between 2 things whether to do or not… our soul / gut always has an answer to it, it always whispers, a sound comes from our heart our soul….that is our gut Instinct…and is always right.

But we many times fail to listen to our heart/ our instinct ….b’cos we are gathered by so many situations together…that we are not able to hear our hearts voice, but your heart knows things better, that your mind can’t explain… so always listen to your gut Instinct …don’t ignore.

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Massive – Exceptionally large/ huge/ vast, etc.. is really What it means? Correct.

Thinking about this word connects me with a mother, a mom, the first person Who brings a child in this World… Massive World. A person Who carries her baby for nine months throughout, bearing all the difficulties that she has to face all this months, with a smile on her face… taking care of the baby Who is inside herself…

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I feel that biggest massive task in this World is the task of a mother… Who grows up her child, gives birth to a child, Who introduces this World to her child for the first time…. and the biggest/ huge responsibility a mother has is to make her child a better human being… a responsible person…an independence good man / women.. a good person, is a Massive task. A person who is on duty 24×7, she never has a week off. Still she never complains.. keeps on working with a smile on face… she is one & only A MOTHER.


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In this World there is only one person who loves us to Infinity & Beyond … is one & only     “ A MOM “ A mother loves us unconditionally, her love has no boundaries… she does everything for her children, even the things which are impossible or not in her hands or capacity ..that also she does for her children, for the betterment and comfort of her child. In this opportunist World!

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Mother is a beautiful creation of God, because in this selfish World, she is the only one who always want to see you happy.  So it is said that God made a mother because he cannot be present everywhere. A mother is only a person who gives everything & anything to her children, her own self also, without worrying about herself. A mothers love is impossible to measure or calculate, her love is never-ending, limitless or endless.


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Bad memories in life are so clingy, that they chase us at every step / every phase of life. Those past experiences are so painful, they leave the impression in our mind, which at some points do remind us of that experience unknowingly.

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But still I believe we should move on like a milestone, strongly. By the passing time its going to be erased from our mind also. Time is the biggest medicine.

We should cling with the present instead of past with full determination & focus, which is going to help us in shaping our bright future.



Uneven is the opposite of uniform and predictable. This word connects me with a girl getting married, when a girl marries his prince charming she is just full of excitements, dreams, emotions, in short a life full of joys and fun. A young girl who’s just completed the studies and stepping into a real life, a reality that life is all about. She is totally unknown with the fact that life is totally different from the dream life. Actually her struggle starts with marriage, as soon as a person gets married, all responsibilities begins with it, as bachelor life comes to an end, till than a person is like a kite, go on flying as you want.

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After that you need to be steady as life unfolds the new responsibilities, as you start your own family. A life is totally uneven, which you have to bring to uniformity, slowly and steadily… with all ups and downs, with every stage of life, as the road is uneven, its bumpy and rough, and you’ll have to dodge the pothole.

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I have been noticing the fact since many years, that the parents are putting pressure on their children regarding studies and in whatever activity / hobby that they are learning.. say dance, music, gymnastics, etc.. pressure of performing well in both in such a way that they should come first in everything that they attempt in…

Or I would rather use the phrase that they are loading the pressure of their expectations on the sensitive shoulders of their children to excel …. Or say in attempting in those things which the parents were not able to do…

The pressure of the parents is so much on the children that instead of concentrating on their studies or focusing on their activities, they are not able to study at all  or focus on their acts…  I would use the word ‘torture’ the parents are torturing their kids by constantly telling them to study study and study all the time.. day & night… I have seen some parents are like literally blackmailing their children by giving them ultimatum of scoring above 95 % – 99 % … any how, should not be less than this ratio..or else they ll do this & tha …blah la bla.. hammering the children like anything… giving examples of the relatives & friends children scoring so & so…why cannot ‘you’ .. this kind of talks.. makes the children so frustrated ….. which cannot be defined…

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Parents are not at all aware of the fact that by such hammerings & torture the children lose the confidence in themselves & are not at all able to study… by doing all such things and by so much expectations from the children results to making the child dull and instead of focusing on their studies the children starts thinking that if he / she is not able to perform well or score as expected by their parents what will happen or the parents will send them to the hostel, will scold them, punish them, etc.. many more things. And the child goes into depression and becomes scary.. and all negative thoughts start… hammering the child.. can you imagine the condition of the child.. what trauma a child experiences.. ‘NO’ the parent does not realise at all.

Especially this thing happens to the board students… Class -10 & Class -12 students are the main perspective children pressurised … if you don’t score this much, you will not get admission in the top college or so on… it continues .. specially in India, this is the fact happening since years..

Ultimately what happens ..every child is different from one another.. some children are not able to take pressure and he / she decides to ‘FLEE ‘ from this situation and takes biggest wrong decision of ending their lives… to escape from appearing for the examination itself.. and attempts suicide .. every year a large number of children attempts suicide.

And it’s a big big biggest loss of parents … thought they don’t realise ..this fact and still there are a huge number of parents doing the same thing….

I am not saying that parents should not make children aware about studies or should not tell them to score well…. ‘Ofcourse they should’ but there is big difference in understanding the value of studies and hammering / torturing..

So parents should understand and stop giving ultimatum and pressure.. and make children realise face life with pride and don’t give up…whatever is the situation ..learn to face it and find a solution from it… instead of finding an easy way of ending lives .. LIFE IS VERY PRECIOUS

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